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Learn to sell on


 To sell or buy on you are required to register, be approved and verified, then sign onto your account. You must keep your account username and password safe and not share them.


To sell, you go on your account menu and click on “New Auction”. This will lead you to a page that lets you input your auction item. You need to pick a category and answer all questions pertaining to your item. One term that may be new is BIN; it simply means Buy It Now (BIN). is a platform on which buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods, for which we charge fees. The platform collects the fees and commissions, but merchandise money is paid by the buyer directly to the seller.


The platform charges a listing fee. You will need at least $20 on your account to an item for bidding. Applicable charges appear at the top of the appropriate page to ensure you are duly informed before you embark on a listing or bidding. We do not allow clients without positive balances to list or bid, unless special arrangements have been made with management.


All first-time users should fund their account with the initial fee of at least $20 by going to the initial auction-bid link and paying the fees. The administrator will enable your transaction thereafter.


Buyers bid for merchandise at a fee and, upon winning, a commission. The winning bidder is immediately led to checkout for the buying commission. The winning bid is transferred to the winners account, found under “Winning Bid,” from where the bidder must pay the seller directly.


When you have a winning bid, pay the platform commission and then go to your Winning Bids tab and pay for the items.


Afrwood Brands America does not handle client funds.


Taking Auctions offline


Members are advised that Offers to buy or sell outside of Afrwood are a potential fraud risk for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, these offers may be an attempt to avoid paying Afrwood fees. If a buyer or seller wants to avoid paying for fees agreed upon at listing or bidding, how much trust can be placed on them to deliver a good product or pay for the product with good money? We provide access to member profiles to facilitate discussion and also assist in rooting out habitual online fraudsters who move from platform to platform. We want to retain only legitimate wholesale import/export businesses who recognize that just as they have to earn an income, Afrwood has to be able to earn its fees and commissions to continue providing excellent services.


Afrwood Brands works with our partners to ensure every transaction is good and transparent, always looking at the big picture. All our payment processors have protections against online fraud and clients are advised to be wary of people who approach them to make business off the platform. Without a third party in between you and the seller or buyer, you are at an elevated risk of being taken advantage of. Afrwood provides this important third-party service.


Some examples of activities that aren't allowed include:


1. Using member contact information obtained from Afrwood or using any Afrwood system to offer to sell any listed item outside of Afrwood.


2. Canceling a listing to sell to a buyer who found the item on Afrwood.


3. Ending a listing early to sell the item to the winning bidder at a price higher than the current bid.


4. Including contact information or an offer to buy or sell an item outside of Afrwood within a “Best Offer”.


5. Offering to sell an item to a non-winning bidder without using Second Chance Offer.


Afrwood is always on the lookout for accounts with any of such activities and will discontinue the account and any listings or bids. However, any fees and commissions earned will still be due and owing.




Privacy & Security


To ensure the security of the members, we collect information about you when you visit, register, list, bid and pay for services and merchandise on our site. All this information put together creates a profile upon which our verifiers built to ensure that each member and each transaction is safe, fair and legal. Given that we offer services to people and entities in different jurisdictions, we elect to err on the side of security. If our verifiers find that an email address has been used to establish various profiles online and that the physical address registered with us does not match the normal IP addresses from which a member log in, our verifiers may ask the member to clarify whether they have various locations or are traveling, etc. This we do to ensure the security and safety of members and the credibility of transactions on the platform.






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